ramblings of a sad young teenage girl

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These are a series of poems, drabbles, just plain random stuff I wrote when I was younger, around 11-16. And yes, most of them, if not all, are pretty dark

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((so, this was apparently a very suicidal time for me, I even had a plan and all. It obviously didn't work out))

and in the end, I'll die a failure

hell, I'm killing myself because I am

I'm the problem here

I've always been

I'm lazy, ruthless, reckless, stupid, scared

a complete and utter failure

what a joke

but you know the way out

time to bring a razor down to your wrists

maybe swallow some pills while you're at it

oh, and don't forget the noose

something's ought to kill you

she said she doesn't care

well then she won't stop you, right?

follow the plan

after Christmas though

don't ruint he holidays for your family

there are limits to your own selfishness

in the meantime...act like you don't give a fuck

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