ramblings of a sad young teenage girl

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These are a series of poems, drabbles, just plain random stuff I wrote when I was younger, around 11-16. And yes, most of them, if not all, are pretty dark

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you can't cry

'cause that's weakness in my eyes

you can't scream

'cause you look crazy to me

you can't feel

you'll be perfect 'cause I say so

I'm so disappointed

you're such a disgrace

a failure

a mistake

all the pain I went through

I did it for you

and how do you thank me?

by slicing you wrists?

failing every damn class?

I know that you don't love me

the feeling's mutual

you fail, I scream

you cry, I hit

you cut, I watch silently behind

I know you're scared

I won't help you through it

we need to pretend you're perfect

at least for a little while

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